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SSD drives

  • Before using SSD drives in video surveillance systems, please note:

    Not all video recorders accept SSD's properly.

    The warranty of SSD drives can be limited by the TBW parameter (Terabytes Written - the manufacturer's guaranteed maximum amount of recorded data during the drive's lifetime).
    Before purchasing an SSD drive, we recommend calculating how much data your camera system will record over a certain period of time. Then you will know how long it will take while TBW of the drive will be used up and decide whether it is worth buying an SSD drive or just an HDD.

    Knowing this, SSD drives have a number of advantages. SSD drives are faster than traditional HDD drives. They can read and write data almost instantly, so the operating system starts up faster, copying files takes less time. SSDs are theoretically more durable and vibration-resistant because they have no moving parts that can be damaged by shock or vibration. SSD drives use less energy than HDD drives because they do not require energy to move mechanical components and also generate less heat. SSD drives operate almost silently because they have no moving parts.  

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