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Warranty repair

Faulty surveillance equipment? Equipment is not working properly? Forgot your login or password?

We will help you!

  • During the warranty period and in cases that meet the conditions of the warranty, we repair technical equipment failures free of charge. Correcting incorrect settings is not a warranty repair and is subject to service charges.
  • We offer paid technical assistance in case of non-warranty failures.
  • We offer paid technical support for software configuration work, installation of programs on computers, telephones.

To order warranty and non-warranty service services without delivery to the store, register by e-mail:

or by phone: +37062344700

When registering, please specify:

1. The exact name / model of the product or program

2. Date of acquisition

3. A detailed description of the fault or the desired service. If you have photos or test videos, also attach to the email.

4. Your contact phone

After receiving the registration data, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding further actions or possible time for work.


In all other cases, deliver the goods to the Pyramid shop.